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Barrington Farms Apiary, LLC

We offer for sale, local, raw and unfiltered honey.

Our raw, unfiltered, local and fresh wildflower honey  is available starting in June.  

We only sell honey from our local beehives.  When our honey harvest is sold out, no honey will be availabe for sale until the new harvest in June.

Our goal is to conserve the perfection of this special food only honey bees can produce.

Barrington Farms Apiary, LLC offers for sale honey, beeswax, and beeswax candles. We maintain numerous honeybee colonies in or near Coweta County Georgia.

Our wildflower honey is pure, raw and unfiltered.  It is only processed by the honeybees.

The honeybees convert nectar into honey and store it in the honeycomb. They can produce much more honey than needed to survive.

The extra honey is removed from the hive. It is extracted from the honeycomb and drains through a fine strainer removing bits of wax. The honey is never warmed above internal hive temperatures which conserve beneficial enzymes and other components in the honey.

A byproduct of honey extraction is beeswax which we use to make candles.


11/10/2014 19:54

The Coweta Beekeeping Method, Sustainable beekeeping in the south

I just finished writing an article about sustainable beekeeping.  This took months of thinking, reading and writing.  My philosophy of beekeeping changed this year.  There is no reason to struggle each year to make up for winter losses, plan on winter losses.  All the resources...

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09/11/2013 22:32

Computers, Beekeeping and Nectar Management 2013

Steven Page September 2013 A PDF version of this article with better graphics.    When June arrives each year I am already looking forward to and planning on the spring nectar flow arriving in nine months.   Some of my observations and results of nectar management of my hive scale...

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11/13/2012 06:02

Beekeeper visits Crossroads Garden Club

The Newnan Times-Herald published an article on November 11th covering my visit with the Crossroads Garden Club.  The article can be found at the following link. Beekeeper visits Crossroads Garden Club    

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10/04/2012 14:20

Hive Scale Update

Hive Scale Update The winter of 2011-2012 was warm.  The bees started collecting nectar and pollen in early January.  The main nectar flow started early and was intense with many species of flowers blossoming at the same time.  One of the last flowers of the nectar flow was black...

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Our honey is available at:

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