10/04/2012 14:20

Hive Scale Update

Hive Scale Update

The winter of 2011-2012 was warm.  The bees started collecting nectar and pollen in early January.  The main nectar flow started early and was intense with many species of flowers blossoming at the same time.  One of the last flowers of the nectar flow was black gum, Nyssa sylvatica.  May 10 was the last day of the main nectar flow.  The bees collected some more nectar in June which I believe was sourwood.  With the exception of the slight increase in June the weight of the hive has been decreasing since May 10.   

Goldenrod has been blossoming since mid-September but the hive scale has continued to show a decrease in weight.  Over the last few days the rate of weight decrease diminished and it now appears to be increasing. 

Today is sunny and warm with many bees flying.  The scale dropped about 2 pounds as the foragers left today or about 6,000 workers left to forage.  The workers are coming and going with purpose.  Over the next few days I expect the weight to increase as the bees bring in nectar and pollen.

To view my hive scale, click on https://www.hivetool.org/ and then click on GA005.




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